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Virginia Edwards has a passion for inspiring college students to gain the social skills necessary to enhance the knowledge and technical skills their education provides. It is extremely encouraging to visit a campus and learn etiquette programs are so highly attended.
Suggested areas of focus: Networking, Professional Image, Interview Intervention, Internship Preparation, Dining Etiquette, Western Etiquette for International Students, Workplace Etiquette, Communication


Not all student-athletes can become professional athletes. However, all student-athletes can become leaders.  
Virginia Edwards delivers the social tools to develop the student-athlete into a leader. Ever mindful that the student-athlete is a role model for others, Ms. Edwards gives each individual the keys to reveal a unique yet professional image. Ms. Edwards demonstrates professional, social and dining etiquette using role-play, hands-on and real world scenarios. She prepares the student-athlete for media and job interviews, travel, and community service.  Due to the time constraints on each student-athlete, programs are often presented during a meal evenings and weekends.