What are your employees' 

dining skills saying about your business?  
What you don’t know can hurt you.

World-class Entertaining and Dining Etiquette addresses a plethora of issues senior executives encounter when interacting with affluent clients, business and community leaders.  The invitation is just the beginning.
Course Topics include:  Host and guest duties; Extending and receiving invitations; Dressing for the occasion; Business and social introductions; Receiving line protocol; Seating arrangements; Formal settings of silverware and glasses; Toasting; Forms of service;  How to make an entrance and work a room; Receptions; Buffets; Selecting a restaurant; Menu selections to avoid; Ordering, paying and tipping; After the event 

Basic Dining Skills introduces the “dashboard diner” to the skills necessary for a successful business dining experience.  Sharpen your employees’ dining skills.  Provide them the confidence to expertly represent your business when dining with clients.
Course Topics include: Extending and accepting invitations; Selecting the restaurant; Seating arrangements; Menu selections to avoid; Conversation; Visual briefing on silverware, glasses, napkins; Correct handling of the knife and fork; American and Continental styles of eating; When to start eating; Excusing yourself; Handling accidents; Ordering, paying and tipping

It is a fact that a budget must be adhered to; however, often this portion of the training is seen as a relatively small expense per participant when it is a means for classroom training to be put into immediate practice. Although it does allow the participants the opportunity to experience wine with the meal, the dining experience can be just as effective with alternate beverages in the wine glasses.