Travel Tip: Attire
Monday morning at the airport.  The majority of passengers are business people dressed to represent their company.  What was this young man thinking?  Pajamas, a bed pillow and a blankie are not the way to travel even if you are three years old.  Yes, casual attire is the norm however, have some respect for yourself and your fellow passengers.  Even if you aren't traveling on business you never know who you will run into at an airport or who you might be seated next to.

Knowledge + Confidence = Success


Communication Tip:

How's that working for you?
Recently, I found myself in another discussion about etiquette’s place in the digital age. A recurring theme was the lack of face-to-face interaction to solve a problem. 
Not surprising, everyone admitted to using email or text at least once to avoid a perceived confrontation. When I asked “How’s that working for you?” all but a small number admitted the resolution came about only after a face-to-face conversation.  
Technology is without a doubt a fantastic tool for productivity, however, when there is no longer forward movement, we need to be aware of when it’s time to put aside the keyboard and seek out the other person. 
Increase your awareness level so you know when to get moving.

Conference Tip: Dress the Part
Male or female, no matter how great you look in that bikini, think twice before taking it with you on a business trip.  Yes, conferences are business trips.  Remember that you are representing your employer.  Be sure to dress the part.  Leave the bikini for your vacation. 
That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pool or spa.  Pack a conservative swimsuit along with a cover-up and sandals to wear to and from the wet areas.  And do dry off before heading back to your room so you don’t leave a puddle in the elevator.