What are your employees saying about your business?  
What you don’t know can hurt you.


Sharpen your employees’ business and social skills.  Provide them the confidence to expertly represent your business.  Business Etiquette unravels the costly mistakes made by projecting the wrong image or attitude while interacting with clients and prospective clients.
Course Topics include:  Handshaking; Eye contact; Introducing yourself; Responding to introductions; Introducing others; Forms of address (clients and internal staff); Meeting a client at his location; Conversation (use of acronyms); Telephone tag; Answering machine and voice mail protocol; Cellular and speaker phone protocol; Corporate culture savvy; Professional appearance; Pre-meeting strategy; Business meeting protocol; Business card protocol

All it takes is one unanswered call.  Communication Etiquette addresses the myriad forms of communication and the most effective ways to manage them all. 
Course Topics include:  Greeting your customer; Answering the phone promptly and correctly; Limiting the on-hold waiting time; Screening calls professionally; Using listening and questioning effectively; Taking messages; Limiting the number of transfers per call; Phrases to avoid; Conversation (use of acronyms); Telephone tag; Answering machine and voice mail protocol; Returning and responding to calls; Maintaining your professional image when handling complaints; Dealing with customers who are: non-English speaking, hearing impaired, hurried, abrupt, shy or confused; Cellular and speaker phone protocol; Video conferencing; E-mail and texting do’s and don’t’s  

Can you text and walk a straight line at the same time?  Why are you even trying to do so?  Technology is so portable it is everywhere.  Mobile Communication Etiquette addresses the never-ending forms of communication and the most effective ways to protect your professional and private image no matter how much technology you own. 
Course Topics Include:  Email; Texting; Social Media; Public use of technology; Transportation and technology; Expectation of availability; Public yet private space; Identity theft; Wi-Fi connections; Do's and don't's

More than just showing up.  Schmoozing unveils how to make an entrance and work a room to your advantage. 
Course Topics include:  Pre-event planning; Dressing for the occasion; How to make an entrance; Introductions; Remembering names; Entering and exiting a conversation gracefully; Small talk made easy; Buffets and cocktail parties; Business card protocol; After the event 

Business Travel Etiquette helps business travelers navigate the intricacies of today’s transportation with finesse allowing him or her to arrive at the destination focused on the business at hand. 
Course Topics include:  Pre-trip planning; Travel wardrobe; Packing; Travel safety; Handling delays with diplomacy; Handling emergencies; Modes of transportation; Tipping; Overcoming language barriers

Conference and Trade Show Etiquette provides the exhibitor and the buyer with the proper tools to project a professional image and get the best results at conventions, trade shows, and conferences. 
Course Topics include:  Pre-meeting strategy; Booth set-up; Projecting a professional image; What to wear; Body language; Introductions; Boothmanship; Conversation skills; Business card protocol; Entertaining; Gifts and promotions; After the show

International Etiquette provides awareness of customs observed by various cultures that can be the make-or-break of any business negotiation either at home or abroad.
Course Topics include:  Pre-meeting strategy; Attire; Rank and status; Forms of address; Introductions; Eye contact; Greetings; Body language; Gestures; Communication styles; Meetings; Customs; Dining; Tipping; Effective gift giving; Getting down to business